Mechanical batch counters


Mechanical batch counters

Principle of operation
A float is connected by a stainless steel wire to the lever of the counter.

At each batch, when the water level decreases in the tank, the float acts on the lever while going down, thus making the numbers of the counter scroll: each unit in the counter corresponds to a batch.

Materials used
HD-PE tubes, stainless steel screws, watertight display box with stainless steel axis and lever.

Our mechanical batch counters have been constantly improved since the first models were put on the market, which gives them a great reliability today. Therefore our mechanical batch counters are now the most sold mechanical batch counters in France. The latest improvements concern the replacement of the nylon wire, which connects the counter to the float, by a stainless steel cable, in order to prevent the breakage and the loss of the float, as well as the use of a water and dust proof counter.